tHings you might enjoy & sight seeing

Day Hike to Village

There are many things you can do at Annapurna eco-village. Besides having nice walks in Gardens, nearby village,admiring the wonderful himalayan scenaries, picking and tasting natural fruits and vegetables, you can also have fun watching and feeding our wonderful domestic animals such as dogs, cats,cows, buffaloes,goats etc.

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River Side Visit

We go hiking in many places with guests. It is interesting and there are somethings you can learn from hiking. Today let me tell you about hiking from Hananoie to River Mardi Khola.

Mardi khola is a river flowing on the valley downhill. It starts from Mardi Himal So it is called Mardi khola. It supplies water to Pokhara city. Round-trip trekking between Eco Village and Mardi Khola takes 5 hours.Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Naumati Baaja Park Visit

Naumati Baja (literally – Nine musical instruments) is a group of nine traditional musical instruments played in Nepal and Himalayan region of Nepal during certain auspicious occasions like weddings.


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Butterfly Watching

Beautiful specimens of butterflies have for ages attracted butterfly experts to Nepal. These delightful creatures have been studied in Nepal for over 150 years. In the early days of the Raj, the British residents and their subordinates took considerable interest in butterflies and managed to collect quite a number of species which they meticulously studied and cataloged. But such activities have been banned in Nepal.